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5 July 12


Okay, I’ve become rather irked by how much the boobs-n-butt pose is so harped on, as if it’s some hilarious, impossible thing. These were done on a whim, so I apologize for the small/crappy photos and sketchy outlines. Once I find my camera again, I’d like to take some shots that show the whole body and how this pose actually works.

These are all practical positions, and they were all relatively comfortable to do. Even though the boobs-n-butt pose looks a little funny, it’s entirely plausible and anatomically correct (although it can be taken too far). So, don’t be afraid to draw it. Hopefully these photos help a little with drawing such positions! 

EDIT: Sigh, tumblr, you’re so cute. I’m not sorry for appreciating the puppet I happen to inhabit, and painting the unique physical traits of the female human body (as well as the male body, of course, which I enjoy just as much). I’m a relatively active human being, and I enjoy stretching and hiking and testing the limits of this sack of meat. I enjoy sitting in a large variety of positions and studying my own anatomy. I felt this was an issue that needed to be addressed, so I simply figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make an attempt to help. Goodness. 

….Do these people understand how the body generates power?

Not to mention that comics intentionally over exaggerates positions like this because if you don’t it ends up looking stiffer the more realistic it is.

I don’t even like Superhero comics, but people talking about whats functional for the human body when they sit on the computer all day is gonna drive me nuts.

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