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5 July 12





Okay, I’ve become rather irked by how much the boobs-n-butt pose is so harped on, as if it’s some hilarious, impossible thing. These were done on a whim, so I apologize for the small/crappy photos and sketchy outlines. Once I find my camera again, I’d like to take some shots that show the whole body and how this pose actually works.

These are all practical positions, and they were all relatively comfortable to do. Even though the boobs-n-butt pose looks a little funny, it’s entirely plausible and anatomically correct (although it can be taken too far). So, don’t be afraid to draw it. Hopefully these photos help a little with drawing such positions! 

Yes! thank you for doing this and proving that these poses are actually possible and they don’t break your spine like a lot of people say.

Interesting post.

I mean, go ahead and draw them if you want to contribute to the continued objectification of women as nothing better than sexual property. Continue to draw them if you want to toss logic out the window, because these poses are a) fucking ridiculous and b) have no basis in the reality of ass-kicking women. You know what the problem is? All of these poses prioritize displaying the body as a sexualized object, not as poses that allow for like, punching or kicking people — you know, things that superheroines do, and often.

OP missed the point so hard they might as well skyrocket into the sun.

Yes super hero comics are sexist and use this body pose for maximum TNA, but attacking the pose isn’t helping, making a hard line rule like “WELL NO ONE TWISTS LIKE THAT” only hurts artists because people CAN and DO twist like that and if you think that twist looks uncomfortable look at some awesome sports manga. You want to point out how sexist super hero comics are? I’m right with you on that, BUT don’t go encouraging this “oh don’t draw like that, it means your sexist if you can see the chest and butt” bullshit.

Basically you are throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

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